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Sea Level Rise

By Glenn Frommer, ESG Matters

CSR LINK – Flash Report

Visit by John Englander, International Sea Level Institute

CSR LINK facilitated Mr. John Englander’s visit to Copenhagen on 13 June 2017 with a breakfast roundtable discussion hosted by the Danish Hydraulic Institute (DHI). The International Sea Level Institute is developing as a global leadership center for understanding and adapting to the challenges of rising sea level across multiple professional disciplines, and leading the way toward intelligent adaptation. The purpose of the meeting was to share the Institute’s vision and examine how Danish expertise could contribute to the Institute’s first scientific workshop in the fall of 2017 and the establishment of the Institute’s Scandinavian office in Copenhagen.

The Institute is chaired by Dr. Robert Corell who brings extensive research, academic, and policy experience from working on the IPCC (International Panel of Climate Change) as well as having been a climate advisor to the White House spanning many administrations. Mr. Englander is an oceanographer, a widely respected expert on rising sea level and the author of ‘Hide Tide on Main Street’.

Representatives from the scientific, insurance, education and communications sectors were present at the roundtable.

DHI has unsurpassed knowledge of water environments, representing 50 years of dedicated research and real-life experience from more than 140 countries. Ole Mark and Ole Pedersen (DHI) provided an overview of the scope and depth of DHI’s international modelling and consultancy experience and Dr. Glenn Frommer (International Sea Level Institute) spoke to the challenges of developing and promoting the Institute internationally.

Mr. Englander provided an in-depth presentation of the issue of sea level rise and in particular noted that the current IPCC estimation of a 1 meter sea level rise by 2100 may not adequately include the currently observable trends in ice melting at the Arctic and Antarctic. (Denmark is currently using the IPCC estimation to prescribe future coastal protection.) He concluded by outlining the vision and scope of the Institute and opened the floor for a lively discussion on the science of sea level rise prediction and how the Institute could leverage on the Danish expertise.

CSR LINK would like to thank DHI for hosting the roundtable and look to supporting further efforts of the Institute.

For further information on the International Sea Level Institute and the forthcoming scientific meeting, please contact Dr Glenn Frommer at


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