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Do you support the company’s strategy through events?

Does your company or client have a CSR strategy, which encompasses sustainability at meetings and events? Do you use events to support and visualise your main goals, and do you know how to design a sustainable event?

By Ulrika Mårtensson, owner of Improvement

If you answered ‘no’ to the above, then you are not alone. Even companies who label themselves as purpose driven and are frontrunners within Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), cannot answer ‘yes’ either. Therefore, the world’s leading supplier of CSR conferences, Sustainable Brands, who attract delegates from all branches and sizes, among others global brands as Unilever, Coca Cola, IKEA, LEGO, NovoNordisk and General Motors, find a strong need to educate companies and bureaus about how they can work strategically with sustainability in events and meetings.


Are you at the forefront of the trend?
A full-day event on 30th October 2017, Responsible Business Events, is offered at the autumn’s Northern European Sustainable Brands conference in Copenhagen. With a comprehensive program, presented and facilitated by experts from both Scandinavia and the world, at Responsible Business Events you will be prepared to design sustainable meetings and events, no matter if you are working for companies that already have a CSR strategy or just wants to be at the forefront of the trend.

You will get solid, hands-on tools and tips on how you need to think, prioritise and act, and how you can provide strategic advice to clients or bosses. Through cases, practical examples and exercises you will learn how to be more innovative and at the same time more resource efficient, when you are planning and hosting events with a sustainable agenda. It will empower your team and strengthen your collaborations with colleagues, partners and suppliers. And, it will teach you how to create value and credibility by securing a clear connection between what a company says, and what it does – ergo brand activation.

All corporations are affected and the demand is increasing
Sustainability, responsibility and CSR are hot topics. In the slipstream of the Paris Agreement and UN’s Global Sustainable Development Goals with 17 ambitious global goals, the requirements to companies in all branches and countries have become stricter. UN also declared 2017 as ‘International Year of Sustainable Tourism Development’ with a goal to reduce the footprints left by tourism – including business tourists.

The Sustainable Brands’ Founder and CEO, KoAnn Vikoren Skrzyniarz, elaborates why this is so important for companies to consider:
“Your brand is who you are, what you do and how you do it. If you claim to be committed to respect for the environment, and you disregard the incredible waste that takes place in the meetings and travel industry, or don’t make sourcing decisions based on supplier environmental or ethical commitments, you are risking being seen as inauthentic, which is incredibly damaging to a brand.”

Besides, all studies show that generation X and Y, who are already, or on their way, into the labor market – also in leadership positions – have a desire to work for and with companies, that acts responsibly and future-oriented. These attitudes are also shared by the segment, called ‘aspirationals’, which make up 40% of the workforce globally. Aspirationals are not defined by when they are born, but the fact that they want to be part of something bigger and work for a better world. Thus, it is crucial that companies deliver their sustainability profile to all types of events – both internally and externally.

The above will affect the selection – and deselection – of meetings and events solutions and emphasises the importance of companies to incorporate their sustainability profile into all types of events – internal as well as external. A large survey, executed by IMEX Group and MPI in 2016, shows there is a significant increase in demand and interest for sustainable meetings and events solutions. And on a global scale, you will find that new conference centres integrate ambitious sustainable solutions in order to future proof and not be deselected.

Responsible Business Events conference is held the 30th October 2017, back-to-back with Sustainable Brands. By attending Responsible Business Events you will automatically also get access to Sustainable Brands’ general opening keynote session and their opening reception. Both conferences are held at Radisson Blu Scandinavia in Copenhagen. Find more information about the conference here:

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