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Creating sustainable SDG events is a must

Sustainability in events are mostly forgotten or even ignored in CSR strategies and departments. The conference Responsible Business Events – held back to back with Sustainable Brands Copenhagen on October 30 – aims to engage and educate everyone planning and executing meetings and CSR professionals alike. The Events Industry Council just blue stamped the educational content and level of learning.

Surveys among both small and large companies and brands tell the same story; Many are dedicated to showing accountability and finding better, sustainable solutions to their own and the planet’s problems. Nevertheless, the actual physical meetings – where the learning or dissemination of all these solutions should happen – are all too often forgotten in CSR strategies. But how can we meet and talk about sustainability, if we do not choose to also meet in a sustainable way?

With the Responsible Business Events conference on October 30 this paradox is addressed, as part of the Sustainable Brands Copenhagen conference.

“I’m generally impressed about the fact that so many companies today work strategically with accountability and sustainability. There are positive trends and good initiatives. The approach is long-term and holistic rather than short-term and single-stranded. But most companies still ignore their events and choose same-old, same-old solutions when they meet. Which is a paradox, as events are a platform for brand and value activation, where you create an active space for dialogue about the issues at hand,” says Ulrika Mårtensson from Improvement, co-organizer of Responsible Business Events, and an experienced implementer of sustainability in events.

Read about the Responsible Business Events programme here.

“We are spending enourmous amounts of resources on meetings and events. So why not think about how to put your CSR strategy into play and ensure that you’re credibly delivering on core brand values? Experience has shown that a sustainable framework both promotes innovative solutions, benefits creativity and commitment. All prerequisites for better events,” she emphasizes.

Knowledge with endorsements
At Responsible Business Events there is a clear path connecting UN’s Global Sustainability Goals, the SDGs, with sustainability in events. The organizers are therefore proud to also have secured the conference a status as CMP Preferred Provider from the Events Industry Council; A clear sign of the educational content and dedication to engage future event organizers, meeting planners, and CSR-professionals in ways to weave the different potentials together.

Read more about CMP here.

Ulrika Mårtensson understands that some people might still feel confused. “It’s early days, you might say – but the SDGs and the process of sustainability is a moving train, so the sooner you get your business in balance with the goals’ visions – and are also able show it in practice – the better,” she points out and adds: “In most companies, the people planning meetings and events often don’t have the mandate  to act sustainably, nor is this part of their KPIs. There are simply no clear goals, nor a clear strategy.. But usually it stems from lack of knowledge about where to start and what it takes to make a sustainable event. This can be solved.”

At the Responsible Business Events conference speakers from both sides of the pond provide case-based, implementable knowledge, and a number of strong industry actors – international and local – such as Carlson Rezidor, Arthur Hotels, Unilever Food Solutions, Madkastellet , Peter Larsen Kaffe, Hotel Skansen Båstad, Torekov Hotell & Hotel Riviera Strand, Green Solution House Bornholm and JCP Nordic are ready to guide everyone who work with meetings and events, and help them on their way.

As a cherry on top, the programme concludes with the opening of Sustainable Brands Copenhagen with presentation and networking – an exciting opportunity for further international inspiration.

Read about sign up here.

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