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Sustainability is a positive challenge

– forcing us to think out of the box

According to one of Denmark’s leading catering companies, Madkastellet, sustainability is a given condition that all catering companies must embrace. It is common sense for the business and healthy for the guests.  Meet Madkastellet at the Responsible Business Events conference October 30th, in Copenhagen and learn more about how you, as an event planner, can benefit from it too.

“It is crucial that we take responsibility and make it accessible by not just thinking, but also acting more sustainably. As restaurateurs, we are in the machinery and can help guide planners in the right direction. To us, it is quite straight forward and in no way limiting. We possess great knowledge about how you, with simple tools, can prevent food waste, the use of unsuitable products while at the same time retaining a gastronomic excellence. We also work with social responsibility as we take part in creating a range of jobs for disabled people through the Danish Glad Fonden. For us it is part of our DNA, which also creates positive effects and engagement internally.”

The words are from Rasmus Pors, chef and partner at Madkastellet, which, with more than 600 events for 60,000+ guests, is one of Denmark’s largest catering companies. Madkastellet has more than 20 unique and different venues in Copenhagen and a small handful in southern Sweden, where they are on point of contact and restaurateurs. On top of that, Madkastellet also manage canteens several places across Copenhagen.

Madkastellet has underlined the fact that sustainability equals common sense by participating in a project executed by the University of Copenhagen. Here they reduced their food waste with 70% – for instance by switching the classic conference buffets with serving individual portions. Rasmus Pors is mainly an opponent of buffet solutions, which in his opinion is to wear both belt and braces in order to secure that there is something for everyone’s taste buds. And that there is enough food. But it is an expensive type of production generating a huge amount of food waste. Accordingly, there is typically also a larger bill if you choose a buffet solution instead of plated meals at Madkastellet. Yet it is possible to assemble a delicious and well-functioning buffet:

“If a buffet is to function well, the setup needs to be food stalls or food bars, where the dishes are arranged in portions, served in line with the demand. An alternative is shareable dishes placed at the centre of the table. Both solutions are inviting, aesthetic and secures high quality. The dishes appear individually and not in one big pile among other dishes and food waste is limited,” says Rasmus Pors and continues:

“We need to take responsibility for our globe. Sustainability is a necessary and positive challenge which is here to stay. Therefore, we also have to acknowledge and work with it as a premise in the catering business. It is a positive challenge forcing us to think out of the box, focusing on the produce, understanding nature and our health. You are what you eat. Sustainability is about being people-oriented, which is core in our business.”

Madkastellet is one of the partners who are ready to share their knowledge and enter a dialogue with everyone who works with meetings and events at Responsible Business Events conference 30/10 in Copenhagen. At the conference, speakers from Denmark and abroad will deliver case-based implementable knowledge about how and why it is important for companies to think and acts sustainably when hosting meetings and events.

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