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Copenhagen in Global Lead for Positive Impact

The Responsible Business Events Conference October 30, 2017 will be the biggest gathering of Positive Impact Ambassadors worldwide to date. Key industry players from around the globe are gathering to make leaps in sustainable events, integrating these with corporate SDG-strategies.

The Positive Impact Ambassadors already reaches 1.2 million events industry professionals and is thus one of the more important pathways to allow key industry players worldwide to learn, promote, and develop events that are both more effective meetings, but also takes the SDGs to heart.

Full program of the Responsible Business Events Conference

This reach will expand considerably as the Responsible Business Events conference marks the biggest gathering of Positive Impact Ambassadors to date, and possibly also a watershed moment for the industry in general, as Responsible Business Events are held back-to-back with Sustainable Brands Copenhagen – thus, directly linking the corporate actions and branding with the people and events that are the frame for all of these every day.

Positive Impact is a not for profit set up in 2005. Their vision is a sustainable event industry and they provide education, resources and inspiration for our global community. Positive Impact has also created a partnership with UN’s International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development 2017.

Knowledge sharing
At the Responsible Business Events conference, well-known industry experts are ready to share their knowledge and enter a dialogue with everyone who works with meetings and events at Responsible Business Events conference.

“In today’s environmentally challenging and competitive world, the Responsible Business Events conference is important because the meetings industry needs professionals who can deliver extraordinary events that meet objectives, on budget and sustainably. We will get to share experiences, successes and failures from industry professionals who have been pioneering with socially and environmentally responsible events, and using this as a competitive differentiator,” says Guy Bigwood – Group Sustainability Director at MCI Sustainability Group.

Claudia van’t Hullenaar, Advisor in Sustained Impact and member of the Sustainability Committee in the Events Industry Council agrees: “We’ve long needed a pan-European platform where business and sustainability are joined – and designed to demonstrate the value strategic sustainability in events brings to the plate. It has become clear that solutions to sustainability need to be business driven and come from all sides from within an organization and from across sectors,” she says.

Walk the walk
The events industry plays a bigger role in the Sustainable Development Goals. Not only does the industry virtually work in every corner of the world, it also has one of the highest rates of diversity in staff, customer, and supply chains in the world. And even more important, almost none of the partnerships that SDG 17 is all about – and vital for the other 16 goals – can happen if people do not still meet and learn in productive, supporting forums that encompasses and embraces the challenges and opportunities the 17 SDGs represent.

Being an experienced implementer of sustainability in events Ulrika Mårtensson from Improvement, co-organizer of Responsible Business Events, underpins the importance of interlocking the SDG’s with corporate stakeholder management: “Meetings and events have always been a brand’s ‘spokesperson’. So, it’s vital that individuals who manage any kind of corporate or organizational meetings will be able to learn, share best practices and challenges, collaborate and connect on how they can advance the task of addressing sustainable live communication most impactfully. At Responsible Business Events, I’m also looking forward to extend my network of likeminded people, which have a common goal – making an impact for good for people, planet and profit at the same time,” she says.

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