CSR LINK is a Danish NPO working to support SDG 17 in creating a sustainable development through partnerships.

This means also, that all the other 16 SDGs are our playground if yuo will – grounded in the desire/mission to encourage the especially the Corporate-sector to consider new approaches and initiatives, but naturally also how we can integrate all sectors – authorities, academia, institutions, ngo, civil society – in our work to improve the general understanding to allow partnerships to form and blossom.

As a NPO we are either the glue – or perhaps the surfactant – that makes these early steps possible – either by “just” creating the environment for them to flourish or by supporting the specific early steps via networks, workshops, 1-1 meetings etc..

CSR LINK was founded by CSR-specialist, Jens Prebensen, and Comms-specialist Lars Münter in 2014 but now also consist of our board, an advisory board, our CSR Lounge, Forum for Strategic CSR, and our secretariat of strong experts and volunteers, all helping us – you – in creating conferences, networks, seminars, debates, etc.