A game changer. Normally the phrase refers to things rather than people, but by a tireless effort Robert Rubinstein has truly been changing the game by focusing on triple bottom line investments. Meet him and learn how at the Responsible Investment conference 2 March in Copenhagen.

”Investments focusing on anything other than profit – what? Are you drunk!?” – this could have been the reply of Gordon Gekko if he heard how social and environmental factors are transforming the world of investments these days. And how new, better data tools are showing quite clearly that the better ECG-rated investments are now outperforming the lower rated.

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”Sustainable investing was at first considered radical and almost as something I had cooked up as a hippie.” says Robert Rubinstein, that as a founder of the TBLI Group has been at the forefront of impact investing since the early days. He adds; ”But my point then as now is the same – a truly sound investment is one that provides not just financial rewards, but social and environmental ones, as well”

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Since the 90’s a targeted effort has not only made the issue commonly and widely known – it is now also at the core of a transformation of the entire investment ethos.

”Of course the success of both ESG and the triple bottom line idea are the result of a movement larger than me – but in some ways it is just simple math. With the need for more resources due to economic and demographic growth, energy and other resource efficiency becomes ever more valuable – and therefore green industries among others are making more money. Which then becomes a positive cycle,” Robert Rubinstein points out.

A Nordic discussion
It is therefore also a trained professional on the podium in Copenhagen as a key note at the Responsible Investment conference March 2nd, arranged by the Danish CSR LINK, specializing in meetings to support SDG 17 – Partnerships. This has also been an integral part of Robert Rubinsteins work in the TBLI Group where the creation of a networking community has been one of the goal of a long series of conferences – which in a Nordic version has also been held in Denmark, Sweden, and Norway – and thus in September 2017 again in Stockholm.

Aside from Robert Rubinstein, the programme also holds presentations from Danish and international companies and fund such as Skandia, Nykredit, Jyske Bank, EKF, Climate-KIC, IFU and GSK, as well as the former CEO of DONG Energy, Anders Eldrup, now chairman of JØP, a Danish pension fund.

”Having lived in Amsterdam for many years the Scandinavian mind set towards sustainability and responsibility isn’t a surprise. But the dedicated transformation of almost the entire economy towards greener and leaner is impressive none the less – so it’s always a special pleasure to discuss triple bottom line in the Nordics, as this is something people are quite passionate and positive about. Talk about a change compared to the onset in New York” Robert Rubinstein muses.

Despite the Nordic look and feel, the conference is held in English and has TBLI Group as a networking partner.

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