Building a better tomorrow?

This could probably serve as the headline of many companies and initiatives in the coming years. Yet perhaps none more so, than for the principles and tools that shape our environment for investments.

How, when, where, why – and when not to? These are key questions for many asset handlers and policy makers these days.

The Responsible Investment Conference offer good insights into the minds of the investment community – and a strong opportunity to share knowledge and inspiration across investment areas to truly find the path to responsible investments.

09.00 Registration
Moderator: Hanne Leth Hillmann, DIRF
09.40Opening Key Note
Andreas Kamm, Secretary General of the Danish Refugee Council
10.00Infrastructure & Environment
Responsible Investment Strategy
Anders Eldrup, Chairman JØP
Sustainable investment - big business
Søren Larsen, Head of SRI, Nykredit

Q&A - debate
Præsentation – Anders Eldrup
Præsentation – Søren Larsen
11.00 Pause
11.30Social Investment
Skandia Social Investments

Morten Halborg, CEO, Skandia
 Asset Management
Social risks and impacts in investing
Palle Ellemann, Lead Emerging Market Engagement GES Invest

Q&A - debate
Præsentation – Morten Halborg
Præsentation – Palle Ellemann
12.30 Lunch - Network and Show Cases
Periamma, Greener Smarter Living, Evershelter
Præsentation – EverShelter
Præsentation – Greener Smarter Living
Præsentation – Periamma
13.30 Innovation
Sustainability as a given

Claus Primdal Sørensen, Director CSR, EKF

Climate for innovation - innovation for climate change
Susanne Pedersen, Director, Climate-KIC Nordic

Q&A - debate
Præsentation – Claus Primdal Sørensen - på vej
Præsentation – Susanne Pedersen
14.30 Pause - Show Cases
15.00 Global Development
Local investment for global needs

Birgitte Bang Nielsen, Sustainability Director, IFU
Global Alliance for Banking on Values
Lars Pehrsson, CEO, Merkur Cooperative Bank

Q&A - debate

Præsentation – Birgitte Bang Nielsen
Præsentation – Lars Pehrson
16.00Key Note
Impact Investing at scale - The New Killer App

Robert Rubinstein, CEO, TBLI Group


Date and Venue
 2 March 2017

Kay Fiskers Plads 9
2300 Copenhagen S

1.450,- kr ex. VAT / 195 €

NGO’s only 595,- kr. ex. VAT / 80 €