The Self Care Initiative Europe – SCiE held their Summit Conference in Copenhagen, 11-12 April 2018.

SCiE gathered to discuss, learn, and share more about the role of self care in future European health – in policies, strategies  and initiatives – and the new meanings of care, carers, system and society that this brings – read about background or speaker bios.

Find selected presentations below – or read about SCiE, SCiE Manifesto and the coming Self Care Week Europe at


Day 1 Day 2
11.30 Registration/Networking Lunch   08.00 Breakfast/Registration
13.00 Introduction by Skandia
Head of Communications Peter Holm

Moderator Charan Nelander, Director DCHE
08.50 Good morning
Moderator Lars Münter, Lead Coordinator for SCiE
Theme 1 – Future Scenarios Theme 2 – Incentives & Investments
13.10 Towards Healthier Lives in Europe
Jakob Cold, Deputy Director General, Danish Medical Agency
Presentation as PPT
09.00 Opening session – Sustainable Innovation
Kim Escherich, Chief Innovation Architect, IBM
Presentation as PDF
Morten Remmer, Chief Growth Officer, LEO Innovation Lab
Presentation as PPT
13.30 Health 2030 – and strategies for beyond
Karl Friedrich Falkenberg, Sustainability Consultant,
European Commission

Rafael Bengoa, Director,
Institute for Health and Strategy Bilbao
Katherine Richardson, Professor, University of Copenhagen
Presentation as PPT – Katherine Richardson
09.45 Investing in health – public or private?
Wienia Czarlewski, MD, PhD Health Strategy Coordinator, University of Montpellier
Presentation as PPT

Carl Brandt, MD, Co-founder Liva Healthcare
14.30 Break/Networking 10.30 Break/Networking
15.00 Future Care – Care in the Future?
Bert Vrijhoef, Professor Maastricht University
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Amelle Liaz, Head of PGSA Bayer Consumer Care
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11.00  Innovating Incentives

Timo Minssen, Professor, University of Copenhagen
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Jes Søgaard, Director of Documentation & Quality,
Danish Cancer Society
Presentation as PPT

Kai Kolpatzik, AOK Bundesverband
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15.45 Role of Research & Collaboration

Anders Hede, Director of Research, TrygFonden
Jelka Zalatel, National Institute of Public Health and University Medical Center Ljubljana Slovenia
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Ian Banks, President, European Men’s Health Forum
Presentation as PPT
11.50 Wrap up Incentives & Investments
Messages and Learnings
16.30 Wrap up Scenarios
Messages and Learnings
16.40 Day ends – networking 12.00 Lunch/Networking
Theme 3 – Engagement and Self Care
 18.00 Opportunity for guided walk 12.45
Care across sectors – a paradigm shift or only natural?

Daniela Quaggia, Collaborator of Active Citizenship Network (cancelled)
Jim Philips, Director CEmPaC
Presentation as PPT

Jeni Bremner, Director Corporate Development, EHFF
Presentation as PPT
19.00 Working Dinner
with food for thought
13.30  Creating Empowerment
Kaisa Immonen, Director of Policy, European Patients Forum Presentation as PPT
Jan Smits, Founder SelfCareFactorY
Presentation as PPT

Helle Terkildsen Maindal, Professor, University of Aarhus
Presentation as PPT
14.15 Break/Networking
14.45 Compar-EU – measuring self-care
Rosa Suñol, Director FAD
Presentation as PPT
15.00 European Self Care towards 2030
– challenges and visions

Adrian Shephard, Senior Global Professional Relation Manager, Reckitt Benckiser
Presentation as PPT

Lisa Ackerley, Vice Chairman, IFH
Presentation as PPT at IFH website

Jacqueline Bowman, Director, Third-I
Presentation as PPT
15.45  Wrap up Engagement and Self Care
Messages and Learnings
16.00 Conference ends – and au revoir?